The Effect of Watching Satellite Programs in the Style of life of Adolescent Girls Aged 15 to 18 District 2 District 6

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study investigated ((impact on the lifestyle of adolescents 15 to 18 satellite programs of the second period 6th district of Tehran high schools in District 2)) of high school students have been Zmnzr different levels. The study used a descriptive - survey and correlation. And the population of this study were 1073 people According to this study, 250 Cochran formula samples was determined using simple Vtsadfy sampling was conducted to select the sample. The data were analyzed using Spearman correlation.
In the field of theories of Herbert Blumer and C. Wright Mills's theory, theory and happiness, making troubleshooting theory Giddens (lifestyle), highlighting that more theory on the TV (which has a large audience and Has a great influence on them), raised the theory of cultural imperialism, planting theory and social learning theory and the theory of the same media is used.
The survey method using a questionnaire to assess the impact on the lifestyle of adolescents 15 to 18 satellite programs 6th district of Tehran's District 2 After completing the questionnaire and data extraction results showed that the relative impact of independent variables on the dependent variable in the regression equation shown.
Y= β1 Z1+ β2 Z2 + β3 Z3… +ei
The access (370/0) + the attractiveness (257/0) + the need (232/0) + the watch (231/0) = lifestyle Area 2 Region 6 Tehran teenage girls in other words, the function of the independent variables equation access to satellite, satellite charm, the need for satellites and the watch is.