A Content Analysis of Common Discourse of Traditional Music and Rap Music

Document Type : Research Paper



This study aimed to investigate the content of the common discourse of traditional music and rap music in Iran is ten years. To the knowledge of traditional music and rap, to pay for content analysis of these two genres. This research using quantitative and qualitative content analysis method to study themes used in both music. According to Saussure's linguistic signifiers and signified approach and using random sampling of works by Mohammad Reza Shajarian for traditional music and Yasser Bakhtiari (Jasmine) for rap music, in the past ten years. The findings of this study indicate that the dramatic differences in addressing social issues, in both traditional music and rap, is remarkable. Less than a quarter of the traditional music content, deals with social issues. While in rap music, about a third of the content, social issues will be discussed.
It seems commonality between traditional music and rap in the least amount of attention to moral values. Both national culture in music, are considered to be relatively equal. In traditional music, more than other categories of more than (40%), paid to the subject of the discourse of power and the least amount of attention to moral values are discussed.