Prioritization of the role of woman in family based on Islamic approach A case study: Kimiya (a TV. Serial)

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of the present study was to investigate if the serial Kimiya was successful in representing the protagonist (Kimiya) in her three functions as: as wife, mother and citizen. The second purpose was the prioritization of these functions from the audience viewpoint by descriptive survey method. In this regard participants were randomly chosen from master degree students of human sciences and technical engineering College in Dezfoulazad University. Among them 205 were purposeful random sampling chosen based on stratified sampling Morgan table. We collocated date by library and field study method. We, first determined the three functions of woman; wife, mother and citizen based on Islamic resources. Thus a questionnaire was made as a tool for data collecting with the three functions of woman as its main components. The scale reliability was consented by religion scholars and family thinkers. Scale validity was estimated at 87% by Cronbach alpha coefficient. After carrying out the poll, the data was analyzed by Spss and T test and Friedman Test. Despite the religion scholars who prioritize the function of woman as wife, first, mother, second and citizen, third, participants in this study believe that the function of woman as wife and citizen was more than average and as mother, below average. So, according to the audience the main function of woman in this serial is citizen, a function which is considered a minor one by Islamic scholars.