The Ethnography of women`s Audiences of the Seri of Omre Gol Lale»

Document Type : Research Paper


In this Article the way of female audiences’ perception and analysis of watching “Omer Gol Laleh” series is studied. There are three main questions that the study answered to: “what are the female audience’s reasons and motivations of watching the "Omer Gol Laleh" series?”,“What is the female audience’s  perception of the text of this series?” to Answer these questions the theories of “Perception”, “Active audiences”, “Media consumption and daily life”, “Community concept” and “Ritualization of society” is  used.
To study the audiences’ sociological behaviors and watching patterns, the “qualitative research” method and “depth interview” technique is used. The statistic sample of this research consists of 20 persons from the 20to 50 years-old- female audiences.
The results show that the audiences chose this serial with different reasons such as becoming calm, escaping from difficulties, entertaining, and getting familiar with other cultures. According to their daily habits, Female audiences have different perception from this series. Constant watching of this series has made some opportunities to them to talk to each other about the series. Female audiences, with the help of the stories’ characteristics, released from their routine life and entered to an ideal one. Cooperating with the ideal life of the story is enjoyable for the female audiences. The imagination that exists in this series entered to their lives and finally became their ritual habit.