Role of Social Network in marketing; use of the Taylor and Okazaki framework (Case Study)

Document Type : Research Paper


This research analyzes the views of marketing managers regarding their strategies in using social networks. The purpose of this study was to develop a conceptual model of marketing in social networks from Taylor and O kazaki (2013), Based on the characteristics of Internet businesses in the country and determining the benefits and barriers to marketing strategies for businesses in this space. To this end, researchers have used the theme analysis method. Data gathering is based on in-depth interviews with 13 marketing managers of companies using social media for advertising.
This research, using Taylor & O kazaki (2013), developed a conceptual framework for marketing in social networks, to demonstrate the proper understanding of the role of social networks in marketing in the three main themes of network capability, image transfer and personal development, and 18 sub themes. Sub themes were Creating and maintaining customer engagement, creating new resources, increasing social capital, low advertising costs, increasing the speed of the operation of ideas, unlimited marketing capacity, widespread social networking, social networks for brand reputation, negative image transmission, Failure to create and promote a brand on social networks, increase advertising prompts, increase brand loyalty, social networking, culture, increase the return on investment in social networks, easy access to the audience, the use of effective messengers and audience attachment to social networks.