Optimal Model Management Fars news agency, how to become a hub for news

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senior communications experts and media management using qualitative research (focus groups and content analysis) is done. This research managers and experts responded to three questions, weakness and damage Lifecycle Management Fars news agency Which is? What variables spent on management's desired effect? Fars news management and the optimal pattern should be? The results of this study, if in the process of management's seven macro variables, the main function of news, people's needs, possibilities and limitations, role management, utility, quick to publish and feedback monitoring to note that we can pattern achieve favorable. The Optimal Model Management News Fars News Agency, "three steps and 10 steps" with the size and complexity of your followed by the implementation of all measures, we can "media credibility, trust the audience, poles news and success in the competitive" to bring Fars News Agency.With the development of the country's news media to inform the mother is of great importance. On the one hand increase the selectivity audience that the consequences of a new wave of the communications revolution is considered,.People active in the system, a variety of media and interpersonal communication channels are used to meet your needs. One of the reasons for their use of multiple sources of media audience needs, requiring Get latest news and events.