National media's role in shaping public opinion towards religious values

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Member of faculty of Payame Noor University

2 Ph.D. student of Communication Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch Moderator of Social Communication Sciences, Payam Noor University of Damavand


The media as organizations of communication independent of the systems of monitoring and evaluation to religious values, not whether any media regardless of achievements and of the effects of programs not on the performance of the nobility and the accuracy of the trust is to say, a successful organization, regardless successes and failures and move to correct the bugs, the evolution and progress will be measured, while the media with extensive functionality and audience widespread existence of such a regulatory system more than others need, especially since we live in a country we holy name (Republic of
Therefore, professors and various experts, using the questionnaire, questions to what was said, asked.
In the end, should again be emphasized, given that at present the use of radio and television as the medium of communication fast and available, a social necessity and an integral part of modern life is and the remaining members of the turntable media collective means to remove them from social life, national media have concepts and values more than ever reviewed, so that public opinion in a healthy manner and not as an enemy friendly and the West-oriented (especially in terms of current) form.While the media with extensive functionality and a wide audience to such a regulatory system needs more than others.