Analysis of the Representation of Economic Culture in Iranian Cinema; Case Study: Best Selling Films of 86-96

Document Type : Research Paper


imam sadiq university


Cinema is a multi-dimensional phenomena that is effective on other aspects of general culture; includeing political and social culture. One of the least-discussed topics of these aspects in Iran is the relation between cinema and political culture. Seemingly, cinema is highly intervened with political culture and is dependent on investment, either in production and in marketing. It also takes the role of reflecting a variety of concepts implying taste-making and changing economic culture of people and elite groups. Main purpose of this article is to analyse these reflections in the cinema of Iran. We follow the question that in the recent decade, how have been the reflection of economic issues in the cinema of Iran. In this way, 27 movies from 1386 ro 1396 have been analysed through Content Analysis method. The results show that, in general, 113 concepts related to economic culture have been reflected in these 27 movies. Among these concepts, "illegal businesses", "employment and unemployment", "luxury" and "bad economic condition of middle-class" were mostly reflected and rebuilt by films. These reflections of economic culture were mostly due to make negative taste through different ways. rebuilding anti-values and anti-norms, and exaggerating problems of middle-class group and showing off luxury life are instances for this claim.