The impact of media literacy education thinking skills Eight high school students in the city of Orumiyeh critical

Document Type : Research Paper


The main objective of this paper is to examine the impact of media literacy education the critical thinking skills of secondary school students in the city of Orumiyeh is eighth base. Methods of testing with pre-test and post-test with control group, the population also includes all the basic branches of the eighth high school female students in the city of Orumiyeh.
For the purposes of this study, the multi-stage cluster sampling, two classes of 16 people selected randomly one class as the experimental group and the control group were the other class. The pre-test for both groups, media literacy test case for trial was conducted by the researcher. After completion of 8 training session, again following tools as post-test, the subjects were administered. To measure the dependent variable, the California Critical Thinking Inventory (CCTST) was used. To analyze the data from the single-factor analysis of covariance (Nkva) was used.
The results showed that media literacy instruction in five critical thinking skills (analysis, inference, evaluation, induction and analogy) among students has been effective