Media Convergence Components of IRNA and AFP in Presidential Elections 2017

Document Type : Research Paper


Communication,Cultural &CommunicationFaculty,Soore University,Tehran,Iran


Media convergence has created new conditions for the interaction of news agencies and social networks to address the problem of reducing audience. The purpose of this research is to identify the components of media convergence in the news agencies. In this research, which was done by the Mixed method, quantitative content analysis and Delphi method in May 2017, the analysis of the content of the output of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and the agency france presse indicated that in IRNA, first, the main content is published, And has only moved to other internal networks in the recent months due to filtering its business area. While Frans Press publishes them on the Twitter social network before publishing its original content, the two news agencies How to produce content such as news source, story style, orientation, subject matter Event- oriented and process-oriented issues also differ in the contexts for media convergence. The results of the research, based on the opinions of the elite and experts, indicate that the media interaction and convergence between news agencies and social networks in five components: innovation, social networks, media overlapping,m News values for social networks and news writing for social networks. The research showed that elites and experts agree on prioritizing social networks, media overlap between news agencies and social networks, and the need to pay attention to news values in social networks And authorize specific editions for social networks.