Investigating the role of Aftab Provincial Network in increasing social capital among Arak workers

Document Type : Research Paper




The general objective of this research is to investigate social capital among workers of Arak city with emphasis on provincial media. The research method is survey. The statistical population of all the workers of factories and factories in the small and large industrial enterprises of Arak city with ten and more forces are force. Among them, 400 people were selected using the Cochran formula by multi-stage cluster sampling method. Finally, 400 questionnaires Collected and analyzed. The formal validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by considering a group of experts and its structural validity using factor analysis technique and necessary corrections were made. The reliability of the questionnaire was 94% based on Cronbach's alpha test. The research results show that:
Social capital among the more than half of the workers in the city of Arak is moderate to high, and there is a meaningful and positive relationship between the amount of sunshine watching and the amount of social capital. This means that by increasing the amount of sunshine watching, the amount of social capital increases and the sunshine system can succeed in increasing social capital among workers in Arak.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the solar network has been successful in further increasing the components of social capital.