The role of new media in public relations students with emphasis on the Internet (Case study of Tehran University of Allameh Tabatabai University)

Document Type : Research Paper



Today, the emergence and spread of new media and their undeniable impact on society, especially its communication on all
aspects of human life extends, from the perspective of sociology is to find a social nature. Approaches and approaches that
reveal the role of the media in the amount of social interaction and communication are key to improving them based on social
relations and interactions between individuals and institutions are located. The Internet as the main medium of
communication in the modern plays an essential role in these interactions .this social media, they are somewhat susceptible.
We're going to look at sociological research, the role of the Internet, social media, and pay students. The independent variable
in this study, the Internet and social relations of the dependent variable. About the extent of social relationships (at the level
of family, friends and community members) to the variables ( rate , duration of use and type of Internet use ) are discussed ,
results showed a significant relationship between Internet use and the amount of there is no relationship between the family
and friends of this relationship, the relationship is significant . It also became clear on the relationship between Internet use
and the level of relationships; social activities on the Internet at the level of social relations have played a role in all three