Problems, obstacles and solutions to develop and improve electronic Public Relations

Document Type : Research Paper



Technology development in producing, processing, releasing and usage of information caused a deep change in relationship
between humans and organizations. Now a day in developed society, organizations move toward by use the strategy of data
and relation technology in the realm their goals. In the meantime, Public Relations as the most basic and most important unit
of any organization plays the role of informing and a strong communicating bridge between staffs organization and external
milieu. This unit can be the corridor for changes and provide necessary awareness for accelerating the change process by
training instruments it holds. Also public relationship or necessary skills can be effective in top management so that
management be accompanied in change processing. If we accept that use of data technology and relationship in a basic
change is positive and effective, with the adoption, public relations find a new face that one way of providing of this new face
is changing public relation from traditional to electronic. The electronic public relation can firm its activities with detailed
plans measurement by data technologies and communicative with quick Informing and on time and considering to Pivotal of
audience, so that by providing optimized services, clarification of the information, leaves a sense of trust and good mental
picture in internal and external dimensions of the organization. The basic purpose of this essay is surveying of effective
factors electronic public relation and also we try to offer the meaning, benefits, limitations and challenges facing electronic
public relation, to the extent possible.