A comparative study of citizen trust Kermani to first News Channel and BBC Persian TV

Document Type : Research Paper



In this research, the goal is to study adjustment trust of Kermani citizens in Channel 1 and BBC Farsi Satellite channel.
Indices of trust and variables effective on that have been extracted from theories of news image making, stigmatizing, four
theories of press, use and gratification, persuasion, Kent Asp and J.Westersthal. Indices trust have been tested with Likert
Spectrum. Sincerity and clarity in news, impartiality against special groups and parties, adjustment of news content and
subjects with the audience’s need, comprehensibility of news for the audience and meeting more news needs of audience are
the trust indices. Statistical population of citizens with age of 18 above resided at 5 districts of Kerman City. Data were
collected in 2012 from 400 people with survey method and questionnaire technique in stratified and simple sampling method.
Research results show that Kermani citizens averagely trust in news of Islamic Republic of Iran channel 1. Only 10.8% of the
citizens used BBC Farsi satellite Channel.