Compare the structure and content of the news and issues of addiction in the Iran and Hamshahri newspapers

Document Type : Research Paper



Introduction: Drug is considered as one of the most calamity social devastating. Human society faced natural and unnatural
disaster and several crises since of existence. So, many human existences endangered and even geopolitical and geo-political
map of the world has undergone a transformation.
Production, distribution and substance abuse of drug is brought human society in to the fall. Crises of drug are the biggest
concerns of humanity in the current world.
In this essay, in order to compare the structure and content of the news and issues of the addiction in the Iran and hamshahri
newspapers in 1390, In the meanwhile of the pointing with necessity of the attention to the addiction issues in the country.
First we consider the media performance in the fighting against substance abuse of drug. Then study the theoretical
framework of research design, research methodology, statistics, population, sampling way. Introduce the variables and
statistical methods to analyze data and test hypotheses. Finally, Summary findings of the analysis are described