Causes of political instability in the zone of Middle East and Persian Gulf at sociological point of view

Document Type : Research Paper



“Internal vulnerability” and “ external threats and violence” are two main causes that play a critical role in political instability
and development of regional and national insecurity. In the essential region of Middle East and Persian Gulf, series of
internal factors potentially can threat to debilitate or destroy territorial patterns and governing institutions. And unfortunately
external causes that were invited to the region by some countries tend to make a counterbalance of power, and also losing of
balance in socio-cultural abilities in such an old and traditional zone, they play a dual role to instigate internal forces of
countries to undergo a change based on two purposes of diplomatic association and back to the origin and even direct
intervention in some Middle East countries based on private motives.
Following to this situation and development of internal demands for involving the process of making government like what
we saw in recent changes, it bears extra pressure to some governments that the policy of negotiation with foreign balance
forces, weaken their internal legitimate bases and usually their political systems are disable to answer these internal demands.
The main point of discussion is studying the meaningful relation between external variants (presence of foreign military
forces in the region and Zionism régime) and internal factors( like making governments powerful, socio-cultural structure,
organizations and state and national ability to associate with politics, condition of social wealth, …) and their effects on
internal instability and national security of local countries of Middle East.
In this article we try to study the factors of diplomatic instability and insecurity of Arabic countries of the zone based on two
distinct levels at the same time their affects at a sociology point of view. First we proceed the external causes of instability
that actually make use of situation and internal condition of these countries and then refer to internal instability that under
influence of external factors. Finally we aim to escape from harmful security patterns that turn around intervention of
external factors, and make a permanent political stability based on local structure in countries of the zone. And present
solutions based on new factors of diplomatic and local powers with the purpose of encounter with pattern of power balance.