The consequences study of new communication technologies on the Learning Process

Document Type : Research Paper



This study has been done to investigate the consequences study of new communication technologies on The Learning
Process. Nowadays, there are vast changes in communications world. All the organizations are facing with rapid changes in
the information and electronic communications age. Institution of education is one of the largest producers and consumers,
and certainly the most important storage of information and knowledge. This organization is facing to rapid change.
Therefore, for students schools are the most suitable places for developing understanding of the technology. Global
advancement in communication technologies have caused to the vast expansion of learning opportunities and access to the
educational resources and training.
The purpose of this study is to determine the role of new communication technologies (e-learning) in learning process. The
method of research is survey method. This study includes 2 hypothesis and 6 questions. The research apply questionnaire for
data collection. The study population included male and female employees of education organization, which is include 30
The result showed that new communication technologies (e-learning) improves the learning process and increases the quality
of learning. It increases also domination on learning.