Investigation of Ninth House campaign practices in tribal and non-tribal provinces from the view of Ilam and Tehran Universities teachers

Document Type : Research Paper



Advertising in political acts and effect from social fabric and takes place to influence action on selection and voting (as a
legitimate form of political behavior). This paper will examine the impact of advertising practices on the behavior of voters
and campaign methods in ninth house campagin to identify the system of tribal and non-tribal provinces like traditional
communication methods including oral, written, electronic and ... ,Which conducted this survey. The theoretical framework
that used in this study is based on the ideas of Parsons. On the survey all professors are from communication sciences, social
sciences and political science on Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran and Ilam Branch.
Our findings indicate that, unlike in Tehran province, individual advertising of Ilam as a way to cope with is commercial,
personal or coalition. Also, according to research findings, the views and attitudes about the use of traditional academics
from the view of Tehran and Ilam professors attitude fiat election, having the effect of an ethnic volunteer base on the
advertising, the more powerful role of opinion leaders' elders and the impact of ethnicity attention to individual interests and
tends to be quick impact programs in the tribal system, and a coalition of political campaign advertising methods, according
to the demands and interests of individual and the lack of attention to personal promise to provide free long-term plans and
ideas in the non-tribal political affiliation campaign there were no significant differences