Evaluation of Using New Technologies in Public Relation of Damavand’s Organization

Document Type : Research Paper



In today's world, which has known as a communication age and technological changes and innovations, communication , information and services has a high rate, The countries and organizations is successful that has powerful presence in this era, and expanding
New communication technologies have a special place in public relations and can accomplish the mission of public relations outside the confines of time and space.
So according to this circumstances and needs of community to use these new technologies, the need for public relations agencies has felt in the city of Damavand.
In this research three related hypothesis was considered by knowing how to use the new technologies in electronic public relations in Damavand’s executive organization and 100 managers and employees working in the public relations executive were selected according to Morgan to complete the questionnaire. Then it was measured by spss software and nonparametric and parametric tests.
Analysis of the data showed that the recognition of new communications technologies in Damavand’s public relations is in the medium level but they use it more. In this context, managers and employees can increase their knowledge of technology, digital literacy and they can use these technologies more effectively.