The Impact of Internet on National Identity in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



Today, the role of communication media and the Internet is such that we can not imagine life without them knowing And the Internet as a medium alongside other institutions that make up the mentality of the population, will play a major role. National identity as one of the most important components of social life is one of the factors that are strongly influenced by the virtual world of the Internet.The purpose of this study is the role of the Internet on national identity in Iran. Assumptions and theories of media influence theories on identity and behavior patterns are extracted and analyzed. Library with the research method of questionnaire survey is a tool that is.Field survey of 400 university students in Tehran units in North, South, East, West and center in the second half of the year 93-1392 are studying using a questionnaire to a random sample of clusters have been selected. Research hypothesis test, Kruskal-Wallis and Friedman standard deviations and correlation coefficients were tested. Results of data processing by Spss software that excessive use of the Internet may deficits in some aspects of the politics of national identity, language and society is related. The situation with the ideas of theorists who insist that the field of information and communication technologies to strengthen Frvmly identities and undermine national identities provides the matches.