Virtual new Phenomenon Space in the View Points of the Experts in the Field of Commiunication Sciences in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The main purpose of the present study is to review the view points of the scholars and experts in the field of “Communication Sciences” on the “Cyber/Virtual Space” in Iran. The method used in the study is the “Delphi Method” and the “Statistical Population” consists of the “Communication Experts” and the managers involved in the field of “Communication & Information Technology in Iran”. The process of the “Sample Selection” has been based on “Delphi’s Method”. In using the said method, a sample of 30 expert were selected and the study was done by interviews and related produses. The main findings of the Study are: The Cyber/Virtual Space is a reality with undisputable role it plays in the Economical and Spiritual Wellbeing of the Iranians. The benefits enjoyed by the People of Faith in broadcasting and communicating their points of view, by far surpasses the dangers and threats imposed by Global Domination. Setting realistic policies along with proper planning and supervision by the experts and authorities will be very crucial in this process. Using the Cyber Space will be a Golden Opportunity in Iran when paying due Consideration to the high and humanistic values set in and professed in the Holly Profit Mohammad’s Pure Islamic Values and those of the Holly Quran against the perverted, superstitious and radical ideas and school of thoughts professed by the Global Domination and dominant power houses. One of the most important and crucial ways in preventing the threats to the Iranian society by the Cyber Space is “Transparency” and strengthening the field of “Supervision” in this area. The Technological advances and the ever expanding uses of technology in the daily lives of the people necessitate the expansion of Internet uses and applications. Limiting access to Internet by Users should therefore be through Proper Information and Education of the Users so that they become a “Conscientious Users” in the face of the dangers and threats inherent in the field. The “Cyber/Virtual Space” presents its own Opportunities and Threats in Iran. By setting Proper Policies and Appropriate Planning, the Threats can be turned into Opportunities.