Study of Influential Factors of Job Satisfaction Journalists Sector and Social Events in Tehran

Document Type : Research Paper



Selection and admission of professional journalism career that has affected all aspects of life, job satisfaction is an important factor in career success.Job satisfaction resulting from factors such as needs, interests, motivations, attitudes and personality on the one hand and job characteristics, such as working environment, organizational climate, organizational culture and management on the other hand is. If this is an indication of another condition that causes a person to feel happy This study sought to identify influential factors of the satisfaction of the incidents and journalists are Bashd.charchvb in Tehran, Iran Theoretically, the paper on the theory of Social Factor Herzberg's theory is expected Brophy.This questionnaire is a survey on 260 cases of journalists and social events were selected by random sampling, and inferential statistics been achieved using methods The information (regression linear Pearson coefficient, ..) were analyzed.According to descriptive statistics, 25 percent of respondents from their jobs as low as 55% to 20% average rate greatly satisfied.of responsibility (67.3%), a motivational factors (49.6%), the sense of accomplishment (73.5%), the satisfaction of the rights and benefits (6/49 percent) and attitudes of respondents (69.6%) in the average level jobs in journalism but feel their job security (48.8%) in the lower assessment findings Ast.According explanatory,variables and job satisfaction, motivation factors (r=0.36), the feeling of success at work (r=0.44), the sense of responsibility (r=0.54), satisfaction with salary received (r=0.37), work experience (r=0.21), the kind of attitude to work (r=0.32), the nature of the job (r=0.19), job security (r=0.42), there is a significant relationship. n other words, the increase of motivation, reward, achievement, responsibility, experience and positive attitude, job satisfaction increases accountability B=0.38 variable defined by the beta coefficients (38%) of the changes and fluctuations the trend in job satisfaction explained.