The Impact of Cyberspace on Developments in Political Communication

Document Type : Research Paper



In today's world, which is called the “age of communication and information”, mass media has an important role in development of the dynamic and competitive economy in the world and the political communication is not an exception in this era. The huge evolution of new technologies of communication and information industries has led certain political consequences. These new communication technologies with developing the information highway and the use of satellite and computer facilities in the world have significant effects on the behavior of political actors that these effects can be found in the social sectors, economic, cultural and many others studies. While cyberspace is the result of the World Wide Web technology, it contains many attractive features that one of the most important of them is the development of the political arena and the relationships between states and nations. In this study we have attempted to assess the impact and the role of cyberspace as a potential platform in the formation and shaping of the political connections.