The Effective Factor of Willing Shahriar Citizen on Watching Satellite

Document Type : Research Paper



In this study, factors affecting propensity residents watch satellite shahriyar city measured . The population in this study, all residents are shahriyar satellite audience Cochran according to our sample of 384 samples were obtained.
The method of survey and sampling is random , questionnaire was used to collect data.Data from the questionnaire were analyzed with spss software.
The research hypothesis has been proposed 4 The satellite broadcasts ,The results of the theory of the relationship between satellite broadcasting has a sexual attraction to watch the satellite was thus Considering the results obtained since the sig is 0.035 , and this number is less than 0.05 then there is a significant relationship between watching satellite and sexual attraction And according to the Pearson coefficient obtained 0.09- This inverse relationship and its intensity is too weak .
According to the results obtained in relation to the theory of the relationship between watching satellite broadcasts of news and analysis of satellite data , then test the hypothesis, the hypothesis was confirmed.
After third hypothesis testing ( seems the broadcast series and movies to watch satellite satellite is a significant relationship ) the hypothesis is confirmed This hypothesis according to Pearson coefficient of 0.7 is equivalent to a positive close . The relationship is strong and direct .
The hypothesis of the study ( between broadcasts seem fun and entertaining to watch satellite TV there is a significant relationship ) with respect to sig 0.2 is obtained , the hypothesis is rejected or not approved .