The Relationship Between Parenting Styles and Aggression and Anxiety of Pre-school Children, (Case Study of Pre-school Children in Fardis of Karaj)

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of the current study was to identify the relation between parental styles and aggression and anxiety of pre-school children in Alborz province, Fardis city. The sample comprised 60 children,studying in pre-school grade,with their mothers and teachers. Applied tools included Bamurind's Parenting Style, Vahedi's children Aggression , and Spence's Children Anxiety Questionnaires. The data were analyzed using SPPS 21 and LISREL8. 8software. To examine the effects of predicting variables on independent variable, step-by-step regression was used. Significance levels for investigating the hypothesis were considered a=0.01and a=0.05. Results showed that indulgent style, with direction coefficient of -0.19, predicated aggression, while, authoritative style, with direction coefficient of 0.25, could predict anxiety. These findings confirmed the study hypothesizes. In other words, a relationship was revealed between parenting styles and aggression and anxiety of pre-school children.