The Role of Internet to Poltical Identity Yongers People of City Qazvin

Document Type : Research Paper



The research is most original sours of scientific production. The main of research is wisely activity and regular that doing theoretically and experiential for idea production and fundamental and  data experiential and development .
Iran”s society in transition that faced to social- mental- cultural and ….  Problems- political research is very important in production scientific information that requires in planning  development .in attention to this research want to knowing effected of using from internet to political identity – placed in network of virtual  sociology .
This research  refers to  internet effect  to politics identity of qazvin city youngs. From this out look in attention to repeat that has concept spaces matter  benefits  from erspectives  structuralism and gidens rethinking identity perspectives  interactions   and perspectives post structuralism for explanation phenomenon and   attention to assumptions that obtaining the from this theories with attention to feature of the population  case study  wanting identification effected internet to politics identity users. 383 person users  of 20 & 30 years old of qazvin city was selected to survey  way and using with technique interview, add  required  information and data that has used  for validity indexes calculation from construct validity and validity calculation from indexes of cronbach's alpha coefficient too .
The results of research shown that “time “ of  using internet had significant relationship to politics identity and not relationship to politics identity with  “mount” and “kind” of using of internet .