Investigating the Effectiveness Iran’s Cinema’s Cultural Role on Ethical Values of Iranian Young People

Document Type : Research Paper



The Cinema is a phenomenon that has opened its way to the societies over the past 100 years, especially in the current era that the pleasure of visual culture has been overcome on benefit, introduced itself to mankind in different forms and formats. Therefore, the film industry and producing TV and cinema programs are largely spread by taking advantage of technological growth. Because this phenomenon has very important role in creation of culture , the change of culture and acculturation of society, it has influenced on various people in different ways , it means that the effect on Western culture is different from East because of cultural backgrounds' differences of the two civilizations .Mass media such as radio, television and newspapers play a significant role in education, guidance and raising social consciousness of adolescents and youth and its contrary will follow deviance, corruption and crime. The mass media like many of findings and human made can be helpful or harmful. Therefore, radio, TV, films and press are not determinative and effective tool on social deviances but are a tool in the hands of humans